Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: 2021-12-30

1. Evaluation and additional charges

Our evaluation is a mere indication of the amount our clients will need to pay. The estimate is given on the information we already have at the time we hand out the estimate. Despite our best efforts to provide an accurate evaluation, the charges may be subject to change, especially if third parties alter their rates or charges. Although we may not know exactly what the third party may charge us for their services, on your customized evaluation, we will try our best to estimate all the costs that may appear. If the amount surpasses our estimation we will make sure to include that in our final account.

We have used the following weight to estimate the flight charge :

  • Deceased repatriated in a standard coffin: 130kg
  • Deceased repatriated in a casket or premium coffin: 150kg
  • Any additional weight will be charged at £9.50/kg

We reserve the right to apply an additional fee based on the rates specified in our current price list. Our private clients will not be subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) on their accounts. However, for our trade clients, VAT at the prevailing rate of 20% will be included in our charges where applicable. Settlement of our account is required in full before confirming any flight details. Alternatively, trade clients may provide a written bank guarantee outlining their commitment to settling the account.

2. Compensation

You are required to fully compensate us and indemnify us from any expenses and liabilities, whether direct or indirect, including financing and legal costs on a complete indemnity basis, resulting from any breach of your obligations under these terms. This implies your responsibility for covering any losses we suffer due to your non-compliance with these terms. For instance, if a cheque from you is not honored, we reserve the right to charge you an administration fee. Additionally, in the event of overdue accounts, we may charge fees, and if debt collection agents or solicitors are engaged, their fees may also be recovered. Detailed information about these fees is available upon request. We retain the right to claim these losses from you at any time, and if legal action is necessary, we may seek court orders for you to cover our legal expenses.

3. Privacy and confidentiality

We know how important privacy is and we take full responsibility for your personal information and data. We respect the confidential nature of the information given to us, and we will make sure that your data is secure. We will use your data only when necessary throughout the entirety of the process.  It may be necessary to share relevant data with Overseas Agents, Airlines, H.M. Coroners, and mortuaries. These third-party entities, engaged in delivering specific services on your behalf, may reach out to you directly.

4. Code of conduct

Our code of conduct requires us to offer our clients the best high quality services in all aspects of the process. If you have any questions or concerns it is best to address them before choosing us to take care of your case with our Managing Director. The accuracy of dates and times outlined in the estimate remains contingent on final bookings being secured and the account being settled in full. While we strive to deliver a timely and efficient service, unforeseen circumstances beyond our control may occasionally hinder our ability to fulfill obligations on the specified date or time. In such instances, we will make every effort to communicate with you promptly, offering alternative arrangements and keeping you informed.

5. Continued Engagement and Terms Acceptance

If we receive instructions from you for us to continue with our service, that indicates ongoing acceptance of our business terms. Any deviation or waiver from these terms is binding in a principled manner, requiring written documentation signed by one of the Directors, explicitly expressing an intent to amend these terms. Your instructions do not confer any enforceable rights (under the Contracts Rights of Third Parties Act 1999). In the event that any of these terms are deemed unenforceable as initially drafted, such unenforceability will not impact the validity of the remaining terms. If a term could be enforceable with amendments, it will be treated as if so amended. Contracts formed under these terms are subject to English law, and the English & Welsh Courts hold non-exclusive jurisdiction.

6. Repatriation factors

Funero, its agents, or representatives, explicitly disclaim any liability, under all circumstances, for loss, expense, damage, or distress arising from or caused by the following factors, whether resulting from negligence or other causes:

Failure to Identify: Funero shall not be held liable for any consequences stemming from the failure to accurately identify the remains of any person or persons contracted for transfer between states or countries.

Improper Identification: The company assumes no responsibility for any loss, expense, or distress arising from improper identification of individuals during the repatriation process.

Mistaken Identification: Funero absolves itself from liability in the event of mistaken identification of the remains during the transfer from one state to another or between countries.

This disclaimer underscores the company's commitment to clarifying that it will not be held accountable for issues related to identification, whether due to negligence or any other circumstance. Clients are advised to acknowledge and understand this aspect before engaging in repatriation services provided by Funero.

7. Eventual damage

Our team and every party that we work with will ensure that any coffin, casket or shipping container, will be managed with care and will reach the repatriation destination without any damage, however no absolute warranty is given to our clients. Some damage can occasionally occur during the repatriation process. For outgoing only repatriations Funero will guarantee that the coffin, casket or shipping container will be presented to the airline handling agent or funeral driver without damage. Furthermore, we cannot assure that the coffin, casket, or shipping container will be compatible with the practices of the receiving Funeral Director for the eventual funeral. Varied regulations in force between the UK and other countries may impact the suitability of these items.

8. Payment methods

Payments by credit cards and debit cards are accepted as well as BACS payments to our bank. We do not accept American Express. Our account must be settled once the flight has been booked or our driver is on the road for pick up, unless we request payment at an earlier date. We retain the authority to seek reimbursement for any congestion charges accrued while carrying out our responsibilities. In the event of non-payment by the due date, we reserve the right to impose interest at a rate of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance. Additionally, we may recover the expenses associated with pursuing legal action to compel payment under clause 2.

9. Terms and conditions

When you agree to our estimation and information that we provide to you or you instruct us to carry on with the service you seek from us, you also agree to our terms and conditions.

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